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Roll out pallet, die storage rack

Roll Out Pallet - Rack Mounted

The Roll Out Pallet responds to your reality by increasing execution speed while optimizing space and safety. Inventory and availability of your raw materials are crucial to your production process, and so we designed and built our Roll Out Pallet of thick steel and heavy-duty rollers.

As a result, our Roll Out Pallet is extremely durable, withstands the harshest environments, and delivers easy access to materials, greatly facilitating material gathering and inventory management. Like all of our products, the Roll Out Pallet responds to your handling and storage needs.

The design, construction, and features of our Roll Out Pallet make hand picking safer and more efficient. The Roll Out Pallet rolls on tracks installed on the floor, preventing unexpected relocation of pallets. The pallet always slides out of the rack. The material comes to you. Reaching and crawling for stored material become things of the past. Since you no longer need to crawl to get at materials, the first level of beams can be lower, giving you more storage space. The standard brake system securely holds the Roll Out Pallet in place while the lift is loading it, which eliminates a lot of dangerous handling.


  • Rack Mounted: 1,000 lbs. UDL + fits on structural and roll-formed racking*
  • Floor Mounted: 3,000 lbs. UDL + compatible with all North American rack manufacturers*
  • Modular design with many sizes and surface choices
  • Enclosed bearing for smooth operation
  • Lightweight for ease of installation and reduced impact on rack structure
  • Interchangeable top plate
  • Adjustable bracket for easy installation
  • Optional lock-out is available.

*Prior to installation, a professional engineer must certify existing or future racking, as well as the intended use of the system.

Roll out rack mounted pallet
Floor Mounted Roll Out Pallet
Roll out pallet top view