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Industrial Shelving

Metalware Interlok

Strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness define the Interlok, our versatile ‘No-Bolt’ Industrial Shelving system. Crafted from 18 or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel, this shelving solution keeps quality high while reducing costs by minimizing nuts, bolts, and tools in the assembly process. Explore our website for reliable Industrial Shelving options that prioritize strength and durability, delivering a cost-effective solution for your storage needs.
Its efficient design requires no additional floor space during assembly and allows for easy rearrangement without dismantling.

Wide Span Shelving

Featuring the best weight capacity of the Metalware storage systems, the Widespan offers state-of-the-art durability, flexibility and efficiency for all your storage needs. Its fully open system, accessible from all sides, offers a variety of shelf options for every need as well as easy expansion possibilities both in height or width.

Integrated Modular Drawers

Optimize your storage with our industrial pallet shelving solution, seamlessly integrating with Interlok shelving units. This heavy-duty welded drawer, constructed from superior 18 GA steel, is designed to meet various storage needs while conserving space. With a capacity of up to 450 lbs, it complements industrial racking systems, enhancing accessibility and maximizing your existing storage space. Explore our website for innovative solutions in industrial shelving, pallet racks, Roll Out Racks, and racking systems tailored to your requirements.
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