Experience the versatility of portable stackable racks. Ideal for storage equipment for handling or transporting, stackable goods. Racks perform whenever and wherever they are needed! Racks not in use can be broken down for convenient, compact storage freeing up floor space normally occupied by bulky, permanent rack systems. Material can now move through your entire production process… all on the same rack.

Stackable racks give you the best of both worlds: weight capacities rivaling wooden pallets combined with positive stacking and product protection. Racks are designed for a number of different applications including: automotive parts, tires, wire coils, lumber and textiles. Wide range of sizes to suit your product.



  • Stores compactly when not in use
  • Free up valuable space
  • Return more empties in less space
  • Flexible plant layout possible because racks are portable
  • Stack up to 5 high
  • Supports loads up to 4000 lbs.


Runners for use on conveyors, fork pockets to prevent shifting of racks during forklift movement.

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