Maximize your existing space with a dynamic and high density storage solution applicable to every industry from e-commerce to returnables!

Dead space under and around your racking system is wasting your money! Turn that space into an efficient pick space like you’ve never seen before.

SpeedCell is a totally new way of looking at pallet racking and pick module space. With SpeedCell you can transform your warehouse, distribution center, factory, manufacturing & production areas, back-room storage, or any other business area where you want to add more efficient storage or fulfillment. The unique design of our proprietary storage solution is cost-effective again and again:

SpeedCell Storage Solution Benefits:

  • Multiply storage capacities up to 60%

  • Reduce travel time and reduce labor costs up to 40%

  • Get more SKUs in less space with greater picking efficiency

  • Provides 100% SKU selectivity for picking & replenishment

  • Customizable for unique product specs

  • Lightweight & flexible yet sturdy and built to last

SpeedCell is made up of an array of mobile vertical shelving columns made from anti-static, flame retardant technical textiles, which slide sideways to reveal even more such columns behind them. Installing the system transforms traditional racking bays into high-density storage modules, eliminating dead space while allowing quick and easy access to every item inside.

Despite appearing soft and light, the vertical columns of SpeedCell are strong and hard wearing, each supporting a 220 lbs. load. Over 20 columns fit easily into a standard 8' bay of racking.

SpeedCell customers can choose from a wide range of streamlined options to help optimize storing their specific products. From custom sizes to varying shelving supports and many other shelf options, SpeedCell has been created to provide a cost-effective storage solution.

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