Utilize wire mesh cages and security partitions for secure areas, to prevent theft, to enclose work areas, and to create customized, accessible security areas in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. Great for stock rooms and other secure locations.

wirefence2_03Wire enclosures & cages allow you to choose the size and gate type that best fit your application. Panels bolt directly to support posts, which are set on maximum 10′-2″ centers. This design utilizes fewer total parts, making installation quicker and less complex. This system is based on the concept of 4′ or 5′ high panels stacked one on top of the other between tubular posts to reach desired partition height.

Panels install horizontally, between tubular posts. The panels are four or five feet tall, have lengths of one to ten feet (other sizes are available).

Two or more panels are stacked to reach full partition height. Posts are 8’5″ and 10’5″ lengths, and are available for any height security partition, up to 40′. Wire mesh wall and ceiling panels are interchangeable…totally modular. This feature simplifies relocation and layout changes.

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