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Roll Out Sheet Rack

All Roll Out Racks are flexible and modular. They can be redesigned, redefined, and repurposed as your needs evolve. You never need to abandon or rebuild our units to reconfigure them to your changing needs. All Roll Out solutions are purposefully designed to improve safety, efficiency, and profitability!

All of our racks are 100% made in Canada!

Roll Out Sheet Racks optimize both floor and vertical space, increase efficiency, and facilitate a safe work environment. Materials removed from floor space and stored in Roll Out Sheet Racks are rapidly and easily accessible. The floor space is liberated for productive uses like traffic and workspace.

  • Easy to add or remove drawers
  • Rear loading is standard on all models
  • Exceptional storage, up to 13 drawers in a single rack
  • Standard height is 96″
  • Opens 100% for full access
  • Lock-in, lock-out on every drawer
  • High-quality, durable powder-coat paint


  • 7 models available from 4’x4’ to 6’x12’
  • Drawer capacity: 5,000 lbs. UDL
  • Up to 13 drawers per rack unit


  • Hinged frames
  • Double hinged frames
  • Drawer and fixed levels combined
  • Removable stoppers for drawers
  • Cradle for cylinders and round parts
  • Solid top for drawers
  • Wire mesh top for drawers
  • UHMW protective lining for fragile parts or stainless steel.

Crank Out Cantilever Rack

The Roll Out Cantilever Rack (commonly known as a bar rack or pipe rack) allows you to store long materials inside a drawer system. With this rack, you can free up to 50% of your floor space, and your employees will no longer have to find material by digging through dangerous piles. In the end, this greatly increases time optimization and safety. The drawers open completely, allowing full access to materials and facilitating handling with a hoist.

The Roll Out Cantilever Rack’s drawer system is adjustable at every 3”, allowing you to change your setup according to your needs. Ensure better control of your inventory by utilizing the drawer dividers or full drawers for short or flexible material. Introduce the Roll Out Cantilever Rack to your workspace to see your operations become both safer and more profitable


  • Suitable for material lengths: 12′, 20’, 24’, 30′, 40’, 60′
  • Standard heights: 100”, 124”, 148” or 184”
  • Drawer depths: 20”, 24”, 36”, 42′
  • Drawer capacity: 3,900 to 16,800 lbs.
  • Minimum space between drawers: 5″, adjustable every 3”
  • Drawers open 100%, allowing full access
  • Fixed top capacity: 15,000 lbs. and more
  • Locks on all drawers
  • Opens with ratchet handle
  • Modular design allows reconfiguration of levels.


  • Adjustable divider pins
  • Structural trays for extra support and to store shorter material.


Sheet Storage Rack

Sheet Tower - Steel Sheet Storage

The Sheet Tower from Roll Out Racks makes easy work of handling and storing sheets of raw material. They greatly facilitate the delivery by forklift of raw sheet material to laser, plasma, and water-jet cutting machines.

Steel cartridges replace and improve upon pallets and clutter, while doubling storage space, allowing for increased productivity and safety. By freeing a considerable amount of floor space, the Sheet Tower allows personnel to move more freely and securely within the workspace. The additional floor space also allows for additional production machinery within the same layout, for increased productivity.​


  • Each level of the Sheet Tower houses one cartridge with a capacity of 5,000 pounds.
  • The capacity of each Sheet Tower is 200% of that of a standard pallet rack or cantilever racking.
  • Sheet towers allow storage of many different types of sheet material.
  • Fewer piles and easier inventory control.
  • Cartridges have lips on 3 sides to keep material from falling off when transported with a lift truck.
  • Each cartridge has fork pockets built in for easy access by forklift.


  • Tower Heights: 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′
  • Removable Cartridge Sizes: 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, 5’ x 10’, 5’ x 12’, 6’ x 12
  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs. per cartridge.