Ministry of Labor Surprise You With Inspection?

It is required in Ontario to have PSR (Pre-Start Health & Safety Review) report for racking and storage systems in your facility. Failure to comply with regulations can leave business owners, managers and supervisors liable in the event of an injury resulting from a storage system failure or collapse. Penalties could include very hefty fines, or even imprisonment.

Indoff has been providing reports for clients for many years in Ontario. The process for putting report together consists of:

  • Initial site visit to walk through and assess condition of existing racks.
  • Site data collection, measurements, identification of racks, placement and loading conditions
  • Report preparation
  • Report submission to our Ontario Certified Professional Engineer.
  • Stamped report with damage assessment delivered to client.

We understand the urgency to get reports done in a timely manner. In most cases reports must be done in under 30 days in order to satisfy MOL order. If you are in this situation and need report quickly, phone or email us today.

Along with damage assesment we can give you recommendations for additional guarding. This will provide the protection you need to protect your racking as well as remove any potential for racking to get damaged again.

For more information on the requirements of PSR click this link:

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