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Cogan Cantilever Rack

Our Process

Cogan cantilever racking delivers unbeatable quality, flexibility and affordability. When you choose a Cogan cantilever racking system, we guarantee a product that is:

Faster. Our large inventory of standard components means we can quote, manufacture and ship your order faster.

Leaner.  An ultra-efficient production process keeps our costs low. You always get our leanest price.

Better. Family-owned and operated for over 100 years, we’ve refined our pre-engineered system to offer you the best quality in the industry.


Endless Possibilities

Storage solutions for every application

Indoor storage cantilever rack
Very Narrow Aisle Cantilever Rack
Lumber Yard Cantilever Rack
Indoor Storage Cantilever Racking
4 season cantilever racking
Indoor storage cantilever racking
mobile storage cantilever racking
indoor storage cantilever racking

Your space revolutions starts with a


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