Our Redi-Rack Compatible Storage Systems are the ideal solution for maximizing your warehouse or shop.

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Cogan cantilever racks will optimize the productivity and profitability of your work environment. Cantilever racks are easy to install and space efficient.

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Inter-Lok Shelving is the ideal solution for storage or order picking in your facility.Inter-Lok boltless shelving is specifically designed to increase your current storage capacity.

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Utilize wire mesh cages and security partitions for secure areas, to prevent theft, to enclose work areas, and to create customized,

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HD Roll Out Cantilever Racks

The Roll Out Cantilever Racks allows you to store long materials inside a drawer system. With these racks, you will not only be able to free up to 50% of your floor space, but your employees will no longer have to find material by digging through dangerous piles. In the end, this greatly increases safety and time optimization.  The drawers completely open, allowing you full access to your materials and facilitating handling with a hoist.

Commonly known as bar rack or pipe racks, the Roll Out Cantilever Rack’s drawer system is adjustable every 3”, allowing you to change your setup according to your needs. You ensure yourself better control of your inventory by utilizing the drawer dividers or the full drawers for short or flexible material. After introducing the Roll Out Cantilever Rack to your workspace, your operations will become more profitable and safer.


Modular clean rooms, labs & offices. Ideal solution to create more work space within your existing building. Fully modular, add on as required or take it down when you move out.

There are several advantages to utilizing modular construction methods over traditional construction within the industrial commercial setting. The most obvious advantage is the flexibility that is inherent with modular systems. Since modular components are prefabricated, this allows buildings to be easily expanded, reduced or relocated to adapt with your changing business environment. Other major advantages include a quicker installation timeframe and less material waste due to the pre-engineered aspect of modular systems.

ALB Lockers5Lockers - Welded and Knocked Down

Lockers are everywhere-gyms, spas, sports facilities, manufacturing facilities and businesses of all kinds. We’ve got the style, strength, and the look you’re looking for in lockers for every application, every environment. Choose from standard lockers of every type and configuration, from 1 to 6 tiers. Box lockers. Wall-mounted lockers. FDA-compliant lockers to accommodate the physically challenged. High-strength plastic lockers for applications requiring frequent wash-downs. Solid or ventilated lockers.

Our lockers our made in the USA, and available assembled or unassembled. They’re tough, secure and long-lasting, built by proven names like Penco, Hallowell, Lyon, Edsal, Little Giant and Relius Solutions. Even the toughest lockers are useless without high-quality locks, so complete your order with your choice of the very best key, cylinder or combination locks


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Building a new warehouse or just looking to maximize on existing space? We can help you with our complete line of industrial and warehouse storage equipment.

Indoff offers industrial storage and warehouse equipment. We supply cantilever racks, new and used pallet rack systems, boltless shelving, security partitions & mezzanines. We have been in operation for 40 years and have made a name being one of the top suppliers for industrial storage equipment and warehouse materials. We operate across North America, and have built a reputation in quality customer service and satisfaction. Our storage equipment, including pallet racking, cantilever racking, etc. are top quality, meeting and exceeding all industry standards. We offer new and used products, ensuring an ideal solution for all customers.